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USA – Philadelphia E. coli Outbreak Sickens At Least 14

Food Poisoning Bulletin

A Philadelphia E. coli outbreak has sickened at least 14 people, according to a Health Alert issued by the Philadelphia Department of Public Health. Public health officials “have identified a few shared restaurant exposures,” in their ongoing case investigation, but no one restaurant or food has been named so far.

Norway – Norway norovirus outbreaks linked to seaweed salad from China

Food Safety News

More than 100 people have fallen ill in Norway from norovirus likely in a frozen seaweed salad from China.

The first outbreak of norovirus suspected to be linked to the seaweed salad occurred in mid-June and the most recent was at the beginning of August. The implicated product was also shipped to Denmark.

“It is suspected that seaweed from China was the cause of more than 100 cases of gastroenteritis from at least 11 eateries in different areas of Norway. Most of the outbreaks were in June and July this year. Investigations are still ongoing. Norovirus was detected in patients from at least two of these eateries,” Guri Aanderud, senior adviser in the seafood section at the Norwegian Food Safety Authority (Mattilsynet) told Food Safety News.

USA – “Cyclosporapocalypse” sickens 1,696 in 33 States in 2019

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The number of reported cases of domestically acquired cyclosporiasis has increased from the previous month and remains elevated in the United States since May 1, 2019.

As of August 28, 2019, 1,696 laboratory-confirmed cases of cyclosporiasis were reported to CDC by 33 states, District of Columbia and New York City in people who became ill since May 1, 2019 and who had no history of international travel during the 14-day period before illness onset.

RASFF Alert – Foodborne Outbreak suspected (Salmonella)


RASFF –   to be caused by and Salmonella (present /25g) in eggs from Spain in the Netherlands

Contagion Live – Outbreak Monitor – Listeria monocytogenes

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USA – More than 70 cases of foodborne illness reported in Hidalgo County

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EDINBURG — Hidalgo County health officials are warning residents about the growing number of parasites found in leafy vegetables that could cause medical concerns for vulnerable populations.

More than 70 cases of cyclosporiasis have been reported to the Hidalgo County Health and Human Services office, chief administrative officer Eddie Olivarez said Monday.

“It’s a public health concern we not only have in the Rio Grande Valley, but in the state of Texas, and even throughout the nation,” Olivarez said. “We’ve had over 70 cases in Hidalgo County; over 300 cases in the state of Texas and there’s over 1,200 cases in the United States. So much so, that the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) is concerned about it and putting out alerts in reference to this particular parasite.”


USA – Listeria Monocytogenes Outbreak Announced; No Food Identified

Food Poisoning Bulletin

A Listeria monocytogenes outbreak has been announced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Twenty-four people in 13 states are sick. Twenty-two people have been hospitalized, and two people have died.

Listeria Monocytogenes Outbreak Announced; No Food Identified