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New Zealand – Shellfish biotoxin alert (extended) – North Island West Coast region


The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) today extended the public health warning against collecting shellfish on the west coast of the North Island in the Taranaki, Waikato, Wanganui, Manawatu, and Horowhenua regions. The warning now extends from the mouth of Port Waikato southward to Te Horo Beach in the Wellington region.

Routine tests on shellfish samples taken from this region have shown levels of Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning (PSP) toxins above the safe limit of 0.8 mg/kg set by MPI. Anyone eating shellfish from this area is potentially at risk of illness.

MPI today also removed the public health warning against collecting shellfish in Nydia Bay Pelorus Sounds

Warnings remain in place for the Bay of Islands and Akaroa Harbour.

Mussels, oysters, tuatua, pipi, toheroa, cockles, scallops, catseyes, kina (sea urchin) and all other bivalve shellfish should not be eaten.

Note: cooking shellfish does not remove the toxin.

Pāua, crab and crayfish may still be eaten if the gut has been completely removed prior to cooking, as toxins accumulate in the gut. If the gut is not removed its contents could contaminate the meat during the cooking process.

North Island West coast

RASFF Alerts – Salmonella – Chicken Kebab Meat – Lettuce – B-Eggs – Chicken Fillet – Chilled Beef – Sesame Seeds -Water Spinach -Pandan Leaf

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RASFF-Salmonella (presence /25g) in frozen chicken kebab meat from Poland in Poland

RASFF -Salmonella in lettuce from the Netherlands in the Netherlands

RASFF-Salmonella (presence) in organic B-eggs from Germany in Germany

RASFF-Salmonella enterica ser. Enteritidis (presence /25g) in frozen chicken fillet from Poland in France

RASFF-Salmonella (presence in /10g) in chilled beef from Belgium in Belgium

RASFF-Salmonella (presence /25g) in sesame seeds from Sudan in Greece

RASFF-Salmonella (presence /25g) in sesame seeds from Sudan in Greece

RASFF-Salmonella group D (present /25g) in water spinach from Thailand in Finland

RASFF-Salmonella enterica subsp. salamae (II) (presence /25g) in pandan leaf (Pandanus amaryllifolius) from Thailand in Finland

RASFF Alert – Campylobacter – Chilled Chicken Breast

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RASFF– Campylobacter coli (100 <–> 8000 CFU/g) and Campylobacter jejuni (100 <–> 8000 CFU/g) in chilled chicken breasts from France in Denmark

RASFF Alert – E.coli – Cooked Mussel Meat

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RASFF-too high count of Escherichia coli (160 MPN /g) in frozen cooked mussel meat from Chile in Bulgaria

RASFF Alerts – Aflatoxin – Brazil Nuts – Almonds – Pistachios

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RASFF-aflatoxins (B1 = 34; Tot. = 74 µg/kg – ppb) in brazil nuts from Bolivia, via Germany in France

RASFF -aflatoxins (B1 = 8; Tot. = >24 µg/kg – ppb) in unshelled almonds from the United States in Spain

RASFF -aflatoxins (B1 = 19; Tot. = 21 µg/kg – ppb) in roasted and salted pistachio nuts from Belgium, with raw material from the United States in Belgium

RASFF Alert -Foodborne Outbreak caused by Salmonella in goat’s raw milk cheese

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RASFF-foodborne outbreak caused by Salmonella (presence /25g) in goat’s raw milk cheese from France in France

RASFF Alert – Stpahylococcal Enterotoxin – Sprouts

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RASFF-Staphylococcal enterotoxin (presence /25g) in sprouts from Hungary, via Austria in Slovenia