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USA -Brother’s Produce in NJ Employee Diagnosed with Hepatitis A

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The New Jersey Department of Health is working with the Paterson Department of Health to notify people about a confirmed case of hepatitis A in a food handler employed at Brother’s Produce in Paterson. That business is located at 327 East Railway Avenue in Paterson, New Jersey 07503. That person worked there between September 30 and October 5, 2019.

Canada – E.coli outbreak reported in Newfoundland and Labrador

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Health officials in Newfoundland and Labrador are reporting an E. coli outbreak in the province. The Department of Health and Community Services advises that there have been 22 confirmed cases of E.coli in the province this week, and Public Health officials within the department, as well as the regional health authorities are working with Service NL to investigate.

USA – Hepatitis A “hat trick” – food service workers in Virginia, Indiana and Georgia putting patrons at risk

Food Poison Journal

Virginia: According to the Peninsula Health District, people who consumed food from Mr. C’s Pizza & Subs, located at 493 Wythe Creek Road, between September 12 through 21, September 30 and October 1 may have been exposed to the disease.

The PHD said risk to the public from this exposure is low, and there is no indication of any food products at this restaurant being the source of the infection.

If you have not been previously vaccinated and have never had hepatitis A, you are susceptible to the disease, and may be at risk if you ate anything from Mr. C’s Pizza & Subs on the dates mentioned above. Hepatitis A vaccines are available at various urgent care clinics and pharmacies and can be received at the PHD for free or at a reduced cost.

USA – Norovirus most common foodborne pathogen in 2017

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Food Borne Illness - Norovirus -CDC Photo

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) late last week released a summary of foodborne illnesses in 2017 based on an annual analysis of data from the Foodborne Disease Outbreak Surveillance System, and Norovirus was the most common pathogen reported, responsible for 46% of illnesses. Salmonella and Shiga toxin–producing Escherichia coli were also linked to a substantial number of outbreaks.  

In 2017, the CDC tracked 841 foodborne outbreaks, which included 14,481 illnesses, 827 hospitalizations, 20 deaths, and 14 food product recalls. A single etiologic agent was confirmed in 395 outbreaks (47%), which are defined as two or more related cases.

USA – Outbreak Investigation of Cyclospora Illnesses Linked to Imported Fresh Basil, July 2019

FDA 220px-Cyclospora_cayetanensis_stained

September 30, 2019

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), along with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and state and local partners, have been investigating a multistate outbreak of Cyclospora illnesses linked to fresh basil exported by Siga Logistics de RL de CV located in Morelos, Mexico.

FDA’s traceback investigation confirmed that the fresh basil available at points of sale where some consumers became ill was exported to the United States by Siga Logistics de RL de CV located in Morelos, Mexico. FDA continues its investigational activities.

Siga Logistics de RL de CV recalled potentially affected basil on July 24, 2019. The firm has been cooperative with the investigation, ceasing production and distribution of the product.

According to the CDC, this outbreak appears to be over.

UK – Factory put uncooked sausages in pre-packed sandwiches posing ‘danger to health’ – Listeria monocytogenes

The Mirror

Middlesbrough factory Café Class Ltd extended the use-by dates of boiled eggs, cheddar cheese and streaky bacon, in ‘listeria outbreak risk’

A factory has been ordered to stop making food after it put uncooked sausages into pre-packed sandwiches.

The Middlesbrough-based factory has been told by health authorities it risked causing a listeria outbreak.

Café Class Ltd has been served with a hygiene emergency prohibition order for food safety practices that posed an “immediate danger to human health”.

A court this week heard how the company extended the use-by dates of boiled eggs, cheddar cheese and streaky bacon, putting consumers’ health at risk.

The risk to the public was so severe that the Food Standards Agency (FSA) issued an immediate product recall on sandwiches, wraps and salads made by the company.

USA – Worker Diagnosed With Hepatitis A At Yumcious Donuts in Philadelphia

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A food worker at Yumcious Donuts at the Quick Stop at 3001 Kensington Avenue in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has been diagnosed with hepatitis A, according to news reports. That person worked at that location between August 20, 2019 and September 4, 2019.

While the risk of contracting the illness is “very low” according to the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, they are recommending that anyone who ate there within the last two weeks get vaccinated against the pathogenic virus. Unfortunately, at this time everyone who ate there when the worker was contagious is past the two week window when the vaccine is effective.