Hong Kong – Not to consume a kind of French raw milk goat’s cheese suspected to be contaminated with Salmonella


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Not to consume a kind of French raw milk goat’s cheese suspected to be contaminated with salmonella

Issue Date 7.5.2021
Source of Information Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) of the European Commission
Food Product A kind of raw milk goat’s cheese imported from France
Product Name and Description Product name: Picodon Aop
Brand: Janier
Batch numbers: 12260610, 13260610, 14260610, 15260610, 16260610
Place of origin: France
Importer: Le Quinze Vins Limited
Reason For Issuing Alert
  • The Centre for Food Safety (CFS) received a notification from the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) of the European Commission that the above-mentioned raw milk goat’s cheese sample was found by the French manufacturer to have been contaminated with salmonella. The manufacturer concerned has initiated a recall locally.
  • According to the information provided by the RASFF, some of the affected products have been imported into Hong Kong.
Action Taken by the Centre for Food Safety
  • Upon learning of the incident, the CFS immediately contacted the local importer concerned for follow-up.
  • A preliminary investigation found that the above-mentioned importer had imported the above batches of the product, and some of them were sold. Upon notification by the exporter concerned earlier, the importer has already stopped sale of the affected product, initiated a recall and destroyed the remaining product.
  • The CFS has alerted the trade to the incident, will continue to follow up and take appropriate action.
Advice to the Trade Stop using or selling the product concerned immediately if they possess it.
Advice to Consumers Not to consume the affected batches of the product if they have bought any.
Further Information The CFS press release

Members of the public may call the importer’s hotline at 2329 8028 during office hours for enquiries about the recall.

Centre for Food Safety
Food and Environmental Hygiene Department

Israel – Hermes Fish Factory Ltd. recalls various smoked salmon products due to possible Listeria monocytogenes contamination.

Click to access rcl_04052021.pdf

Sweden – An outbreak of Salmonella Braenderup is being investigated.


kswfoodworld salmonella

6 May 2021

During the period 13 April to 24 April, 14 cases fell ill in Salmonella Braenderup in 10 different regions in Sweden. The cases have been linked using whole genome sequencing (analysis of the bacterium’s genome). The ages vary from 0 to 91 years and ten of the cases are women. Affected infection control units, municipalities, the National Food Administration and the Swedish Public Health Agency are jointly investigating the outbreak to identify the source of infection that is suspected to be a food that has been widely distributed in Sweden. The investigation interviews the cases of what they ate the week before falling ill, with the aim of identifying common suspicious foods.

Figure. Inhalation curve for Salmonella Braenderup (n = 14), 2021-05-06.

The bar chart shows that the fourteen outbreak cases have fallen ill between 13-24 April 2021.

Taiwan – Students, staff at Miaoli school fall ill with suspected food poisoning

Focus Taiwan

Taipei, May 7 (CNA) A total of 143 students and staff members at Jhunan Junior High School in Miaoli have come down with nausea and stomach pains, in what is believed to be a case of mass food poisoning, the county’s Education Department said Friday.

The 143 people fell ill after eating meals provided by the school kitchen Wednesday, the department’s head Qiu Ting-yue (邱廷岳) said.

Twelve of the students, who were taken to hospital by their parents, were diagnosed with gastroenteritis likely caused by a norovirus, Qiu said.

She said the meals were provided by a catering service contracted by the school.

The meals served on Wednesday included pumpkin rice, stir-fried vegetables, fish fillets, and vegetable-and-meat soup, Qiu said.

According to the school, the Miaoli Department of Health has collected samples of the food and some of the kitchenware for analysis and is awaiting the results.

USA – Massachusetts Department of Public Health Listeria food testing prompts expanded national recall of Enoki mushrooms – Listeria monocytogenes

Food Poison Journal

In 2020, a total of 36 people infected with the outbreak strain of Listeria monocytogenes were reported from 17 states linked to Enoki mushrooms.

Testing conducted by disease investigators at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) has led to the expansion of a national recall today of Enoki mushrooms, after two packages the investigators purchased in the Commonwealth tested positive for Listeria monocytogenes.

Guan’s Mushroom Co. of Commerce, CA said today it was recalling all packages of its Enoki mushrooms and suspending national distribution after tests conducted at the Massachusetts State Public Health Laboratory by staff from DPH’s Food Laboratory came back positive for Listeria monocytogenes

Lithuania – Outbreak of food-borne infection suspected at Aušra progymnasium in Lithuanian Sports University


The State Food and Veterinary Service (SFVS) informs that today, after receiving information from the management of Kėdainiai Aušra Progymnasium of the Lithuanian Sports University about the disabled children and the kitchen worker, it immediately started the investigation.

SFVS available on May 7. 12 children who ate in the canteen of the said school felt unwell. Several of them are treated in hospital.

Inspectors were informed that a kitchen worker at this progymnasium also felt unwell for several days.

After the SFVS Kaunas Department inspectors went to the site to check the samples, the investigation of the suspected outbreak of food-borne infection was started.

USA- Rashi Al-Mahaba tahini sold at the Dijla Al-Furat store cause for Michigan Salmonella warning – Salmonella

Food Poison Journal

The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) is advising consumers not to eat Rashi Al-Mahaba tahini sold at the Dijla Al-Furat store at 33190 Ryan Rd, in Sterling Heights, MI, due to food safety concerns. A sample of the product collected and analyzed by MDARD’s Laboratory Division tested positive for Salmonella.

This advisory is for tahini purchased from the deli counter between January 13 and May 4, 2021 in 16-ounce and 32-ounce clear plastic containers. The containers have white labels printed with black lettering placed on the package at the time of purchase. The labels include the date of purchase but no expiration date.

Consumers should discard this product or return it to the place of purchase. If you think you or a family member have become ill from consuming any of these products, seek immediate medical attention.

To date, no illnesses tied to this product have reported.

USA – Fresh, organic produce common source of E. coli O157 infections in 7 children

Food Poison Journal

Public Health is investigating a new cluster of seven children infected with Shiga toxin-producing E. coli (also known as STEC) in King County. All cases are currently under 15 years of age, and three are under 5 years of age. Cases have been reported during April 22–May 1, 2021.

Our investigation is ongoing. We have identified multiple types of fresh produce, mostly organic, in common among the majority of cases but cannot yet rule out other possibilities. We are still uncertain if these cases share the same source of their infection or not. Updates will continue to be posted when more information is available.

Belgium – “PIMENTAO DOCE” (sweet paprika, 50g) from the Dom Duarte brand – Ochratoxin A


Product: “PIMENTAO DOCE” (sweet paprika, 50g) from the Dom Duarte brand.
Problem: too high ochratoxin A content (exceeding the standard).
In agreement with the AFSCA, ALIMENTAR SRL withdraws the sweet paprika “PIMENTAO DOCE” (50g) of the Dom Duarte brand from sale and recalls it to consumers because of too high a content of ochratoxin A (exceeding the standard ).

ALIMENTAR SRL asks its customers not to consume this product and to bring it back to the point of sale where it was purchased where it will be refunded.

Product description

– Product category: sweet paprika
– Product name: PIMENTAO DOCE
– Best before date (DDM): 30/06/2024
– Batch number: L 169S20
– Sale period: from 20 / 01/2021 to 04/28/2021
– Type of packaging: plastic package
– Weight: 50g


The product was distributed by: ALIMENTAR SRL (Anderlecht) and sold through various points of sale in Belgium.

For any further information , contact:
Madam: Maïté Pereira
Email address: info@alimentar.be

Netherlands – Safety warning organic beets from Albert Heijn – Listeria monocytogenes


Albert Heijn has decided to immediately remove the AH Organic Red Beets grated, AH Organic Red Beet cubes and AH Organic Red Beets cooked with an expiration date 8-5-2021 from the stores immediately. The AH Organic Beetroot grated, diced and cooked may contain Listeria monocytogenes. It only concerns the products with this specific expiration date.

See the Albert Heijn website

Beets from Albert Heijn
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