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RASFF Alert – Norovirus – Live Oysters


RASFF – norovirus (GII /2g) in live oysters (Crassostrea gigas) from France in Italy

Europe -Hepatitis A – Annual Epidemiological Report for 2016


Publication series: Annual Epidemiological Report on Communicable Diseases in Europe
Time period covered: This report is based on data for 2016 retrieved from The European Surveillance System (TESSy) on 27 November 2017.

USA – Royal Caribbean Norovirus Outbreak Sickens 475 Passengers

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Norovirus outbreaks increase during the winter months because more people are together indoors. But some venues, such as nursing homes, schools, and cruise ships, can be struck by this virus at any time. A Norovirus outbreak on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship has sickened 475 passengers.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 129,678 passengers were sickened on cruise ships from 2008 to 2014. That seems like a large number, but just 10% of those illnesses were norovirus. And the number of people on those cruses was 74,000,000


USA – Public Health Alert Concerning a Possible Hepatitis A Contamination of Bauer’s Candies’ Modjeskas

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The FDA is alerting consumers to possible hepatitis A contamination of Bauer’s Candies Modjeskas, an individually wrapped marshmallow candy dipped in chocolate or caramel. We are advising consumers not to eat and to throw away any Bauer’s Candies Chocolate or Caramel Modjeskas, purchased after November 14, 2018 because a worker in the facility tested positive for hepatitis A.


USA- Oasis of the Seas: 277 sickened on cruise, voyage cut short – Norovirus?

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Health officials are reporting some 277 passengers and crew onboard Royal Caribbean’s vessel, Oasis of the Seas, have fell ill with vomiting being the predominant symptom.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 266 of 6,285 (4.23%) passengers and 11 of 2,169 (0.51%) crew were sickened.

While media reports state the cause of the outbreak as Norovirus, CDC officials report the causative agent as being “unknown” as of Jan. 10.

The ship left left Port Canaveral on a seven-day Western Caribbean cruise on Sunday. The ship will return to Port Canaveral on Saturday, one day ahead of schedule.

USA – Possible Hepatitis A Exposure at On the Border Grill inn Jonesboro, Arkansas

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The Arkansas Department of Health is warning consumers that there is a possible hepatitis A exposure at the On the Border Mexican Grill & Cantino at 2324 Red Wolf Boulevard in Jonesboro. Anyone who ate there between December 13 and December 17, 2018 may have been exposed to the pathogenic virus.

UK – Food safety experts warn fruit and vegetables sold in British shops could contain potentially deadly Norovirus



Fruit and vegetables being sold in British supermarkets have been found to contain norovirus, food safety experts have announced.

The UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) researchers discovered that one lettuce in every 20 contained the vomiting virus.

The bug, spread by human waste, was also detected in one in every 27 bags of frozen raspberries.

“Norovirus is the commonest cause of gastrointestinal disease in the UK causing millions of cases annually,” said the researchers, who added that their findings indicated serious negligence by food suppliers and retailers.

“One should not expect to find a norovirus in one’s lettuce or raspberry,” scientists told The Sunday Times.

“When the virus is detected it is clear that guidance [on food hygiene] is not being adhered to and that in consequence the pathogen is entering the food supply chain.”

The researchers tested 568 lettuces, which had been mostly grown in Britain, and found norovirus in 30 of them.