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Canada – Canada Salmonella Outbreak Sickens Sixty-three

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Canadian health officials are investigating an outbreak of Salmonella in six provinces that has sickened 63 people, including 18 who have been hospitalized and two deaths.

People who became ill range in age from one to 87. Individuals became sick between November and March.

The Public Health Agency of Canada said the breakdown of known cases as of Friday includes 23 people in B.C., ten people each in Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario. There are eight cases in Saskatchewan and two in Quebec.

The agency said the source of the bacterial infection has not been identified.

USA – Outbreak of E. coli Infections – Latest Outbreak Information


Latest Outbreak Information
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At A Glance
  • As of April 4, 2019, 72 people infected with the outbreak strain of E. coli O103 have been reported from five states.
    • Eight people have been hospitalized. No cases of hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) or deaths have been reported.
  • This investigation is still ongoing and a specific food item, grocery store, or restaurant chain has not been identified as the source of infections.
  • CDC is not recommending that consumers avoid any particular food at this time. Restaurants and retailers are not advised to avoid serving or selling any particular food.
  • This is a rapidly evolving investigation. We will update our advice if a source is identified.

France – 6,000 Camembert cheeses recalled in France in E.Coli 026 scare

The Local

Nearly 6,000 packets of Camembert cheese have been recalled in France because they may present a risk of E. coli infection.

The Moulin de Carel cheese company asked consumers who had bought any of the 5,800 250-gramme Camemberts under the lot number L19009C to bring them back to their points of sale.

“A test has shown the presence of E.Coli 026 H11 in these products”, which have been on sale since January 31 this year, the firm said in a statement. “We therefore ask people who have these products not to consume them,” it said.

Many strains of E coli usually cause humans no harm, but there have been cases of people falling extremely ill and even dying from an E coli-related illness.


Canada – Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Frozen Chicken in Canada Grows Again

Food Poisoning Bulletin 

The Salmonella outbreak in Canada that is linked to frozen breaded raw chicken and other raw chicken products has now grown to include 555 sick as of March 1, 2019. So far, twelve products have been recalled in association with this outbreak.

Norway – Dried fruit mix suspected as cause of Norway’s ongoing Salmonella outbreak

Food Safety News

One brand of dry exotic fruit mix has been found to be linked to a growing Salmonella Agbeni outbreak in Norway.

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health (Folkehelseinstituttet) reported there are 21 confirmed and nine possible cases in an update from the 11 confirmed and 12 suspected infections this past week.

The agency is investigating with local authorities, the Veterinary Institute, and the Norwegian Food Safety Authority (Mattilsynet) to confirm the suspected link. The public health officials report it is too early to conclude the fruit mix is the source of infection.

However, several people who became ill reported eating the fruit mix. Product samples have been sent for analysis but results will not be available until next week.


RASFF Alert – Foodborne Outbreak caused by and Salmonella (suspicion /25g) in dried fruits and coconut mix from Italy


RASFF – foodborne outbreak caused by and Salmonella (suspicion /25g) in dried fruits and coconut mix from Italy in Norway

USA – Gravel Ridge Farms Egg Salmonella Outbreak Details in FDA Warning Letter

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The Gravel Ridge Farms shell egg Salmonella outbreak sickened 45 people in 12 states last year. The FDA sent the owners of that facility a warning letter on February 12, 2019, that gives us more information about the issues at the farm. Gravel Ridge Farms recalled more than 600,000 shell eggs in response to this outbreak.