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Information – Regional Results of Global Mycotoxin Occurrence through June 2018


Since 2004, the BIOMIN Mycotoxin Survey Program constitutes the longest running, and most comprehensive survey of its kind. It details the incidence of the main mycotoxins occurring in agricultural commodities, which include aflatoxins (Afla), zearalenone (ZEN), deoxynivalenol (DON), T-2 toxin (T-2), fumonisins (FUM) and ochratoxin A (OTA).

The survey focuses on components that are used for feed such as corn, wheat, barley, rice, soybean meal, corn gluten meal, dried distillers grains (DDGS) and silage, among others.

From January to June 2018, the BIOMIN scientists have tested 8,310 samples, from different regions around the world.

Figure 1. Occurrence of mycotoxins worldwide through Q2 2018. Average of all samples collected by BIOMIN.


RASFF Alert – Fumonsins – Mycotoxins – Polenta

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RASFF -fumonisins (1665.9 µg/kg – ppb) in polenta from Italy in Germany