USA – Core Outbreak Table Updates


This week’s updates are:

  • A new outbreak of E. coli O121: H19 with an unidentified vehicle has been added. This outbreak does not appear to be ongoing, as the last illness onset occurred in November 2021. FDA has initiated traceback and other investigational activities in an effort to learn more about possible sources or routes of contamination.
  • The outbreak of Salmonella Javiana linked to 65 illnesses has ended. The information collected over the course of this investigation indicated cut cantaloupe was the likely source of this outbreak, however it appears that the products linked to outbreak illnesses are past shelf life and are no longer available for sale. The most recent illness occurred in November 2021. FDA’s outbreak investigation did not identify a specific product until after the product had expired and was no longer on the market, and there were no actionable steps for consumers to take to protect themselves.
  • For the outbreak of E. coli O157:H7 linked to spinach, the outbreak has ended and the FDA investigation has closed. This incident was archived in the 2021 Investigation Table.
1/10/2022 1050 E. coli
Not Yet
12/29/2021 1052 E. coli
Packaged Salad See Outbreak
12/20/2021 1039 Listeria
Packaged Salad See Outbreak
12/15/2021 1048 Listeria
Packaged Salad See Outbreak
11/24/2021 1044 Salmonella
Cut Cantaloupe 65
9/15/2021 1031 Salmonella
Red, Yellow,
and White Onions
See Outbreak

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