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RASFF Alert – Mould/Mold – Lasagne Plates


Mold growth in lasagne plates from Italy in Denmark

RASFF Alert – Mold/Mould – Cheese – Tortilla Wraps


Mould formation in fresh cheese from France in Belgium


Tortilla wraps from Poland infested with moulds in Belgium, France, Germany , Netherlands

Research – Comprehensive Review of Fungi on Coffee


Coffee is grown in more than 80 countries as a cash crop and consumed worldwide as a beverage and food additive. It is susceptible to fungal infection during growth, processing and storage. Fungal infections, in particular, can seriously affect the quality of coffee and threaten human health. The data for this comprehensive review were collected from the United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service (USDA ARS) website and published papers. This review lists the fungal species reported on coffee based on taxonomy, life mode, host, affected plant part and region. Five major fungal diseases and mycotoxin-producing species (post-harvest diseases of coffee) are also discussed. Furthermore, we address why coffee yield and quality are affected by fungi and propose methods to control fungal infections to increase coffee yield and improve quality. Endophytic fungi and their potential as biological control agents of coffee disease are also discussed.

Czech Republic – BAKERY SPICY SALAD SPICY – Mold/Mould


Illustration photo no. 1

Place of inspection:
Bílina ( Nábřeží 463, 418 01 Bílina )
Company ID: 44012373
Food group: Meat and meat products Heat-treated non-perishable products

Category: Dangerous food
Unsatisfactory parameter:

mold visible to the eye

The product had a damaged packaging. Mold colonies were visible on the surface of the food, visible to the naked eye, and the product was dry at the point of damage to the packaging.

Food is not considered safe if it shows signs of spoilage.

Expiration date: 11/03/2022
Packaging: FIVE
Quantity of product in package: 2,138 kg
Sampling date: Feb 25, 2022
Reference number: 22-000109-CAFIA-CZ
The sample was found by an official inspection of the State Agricultural and Food Inspection Authority.

Research – Aflatoxin Reduction and Retardation of Aflatoxin Production by Microorganisms in Doenjang during a One-Year Fermentation


Meju, a raw material for doenjang preparation, is highly vulnerable to aflatoxin-producing fungi. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of a one-year fermentation on aflatoxins and aflatoxin-producing fungi in doenjang spiked with aflatoxins B1, G1, B2, and G2 and inoculated with toxigenic Aspergillus flavus. A significant reduction in aflatoxins was observed after a year of fermentation, measuring 92.58%, 100%, 98.69%, and 100% of B1, G1, B2, and G2, respectively. After a year of fermentation, 6.95 ± 3.64 µg/kg of total aflatoxin was detected, which represents a 97.88% reduction in the total aflatoxin compared with the initial value (328.83 ± 36.60 µg/kg). Several aflatoxin-degrading fungi (Aspergillus versicolorCladosporium subcinereumAspergillus ochraceus) and bacteria (Bacillus albusBacillus velezensis) isolated from doenjang were identified as the major contributors to the reduction of aflatoxin. Furthermore, it was observed that most of the aflatoxin contamination in doenjang occurred during the meju stage, and this stage was found to be most susceptible to A. flavus contamination and growth. These findings reveal that native microorganisms mediate aflatoxin clean-up in doenjang during fermentation and support the use of such microorganisms as a starter culture for the preparation of aflatoxin-free doenjang.

Iceland – Mold/Mould in Cakes


Matvælastofnun draws consumers’ attention to the recall of the Gestus light sponge bottom that Krónan ehf. imports. The recall is due to mold in the cakes but is best covered before the date. The importer has, in consultation with the health inspectorate in Hafnarfjörður and the Kópavogur area, recalled the product.

Only if the following batch is being recalled:

  • Trademark: Guest
  • Product name:  Guest light sponge bottoms
  • Manufacturer: CORONET CAKE COMPANY PL.
  • Importer: Krónan ehf
  • Country of manufacture: Denmark
  • Lot number / best for dates:  07/02/2021
  • Storage conditions: Room temperature
  • Distribution: The ISK and KR

Consumers who have purchased the product are advised not to consume it and return it to the store where it was purchased.

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USA – Enforcement – Wayfare Dairy Free Butter Salted & Whipped – Mould/Mold


Product Details

Product Description: Wayfare Dairy Free Butter Salted & Whipped,

Reason for Recall: Product showed suspected mold growth prior to expiration date.

Product Quantity: 610 cases

Recall Number: F-0630-2022

Code Information: Best By: 03/23/2022


Class II

Event Details

Event ID: 89371

Voluntary / Mandated:

Voluntary: Firm initiated

Product Type: Food

Initial Firm Notification of Consignee or Public:

Distribution Pattern:

Distributed to food distributors in CA, FL, MD, MI, MT, NE, NY, PA, TX, and WA and directly to consumers from the firm’s online store.

Recalling Firm:

WayFare Health Foods, LLC.
1320 S 19th St
Nebraska City, NE 68410-2666
United States

Recall Initiation Date: 1/6/2022

Denmark – Mold on layer cake bases – Update


Coronet Cake Company ApS is recalling layer cake bases from Salling and Gestus due to the discovery of mold in the products. Updated 31.01.2022 with new products and points of sale. Updated on 01.02.2022 with new point of sale. Updated on 04.02.2022 with new best before dates.

Recalled Foods , Published: January 28, 2022

Modified February 4, 2022

Which foods:
Salling Lagkagebunde Cocoa 
Net weight: 340g
Best before dates: 07.02.2022, 21.02.2022, 22.02.2022, 07.03.2022 and 21.04.2022
EAN code: 571872607540

Salling Lagkagebunde, light
Net weight: 340g
Best before-dates: 07.02.2022, 22.02.2022, 08.03.2022 and 26.04.2022

Gestus Kakao Layer cake bases
Net weight: 340g
Best before date: 07.02.2022, 21.02.2022 and 07.03.2022
EAN code: 5701410381752

Gestus Layer cake bases, light
Net weight: 330g
Best before date: 07.02.2022, 08.03.2022
EAN code: 5701410375416

Sold in:
Salling layer cake bases are sold in: Føtex, Bilka andSalling department stores  across the country.
Gestus layer cake bases are sold in: MENU, SPAR, Letkøb, Min Købmand and Løvbjerg throughout the country as well as in Liva Stormarked in Kolding, Superland in Sindal and Tårs and in Christiansø Købmandshandel on Christiansø.

Company recalling:
Coronet Cake Company ApS, Valorevej 16, 4130 Viby Sjælland

The company has established that there is a risk of mold in the products.

Mold formation makes the products unsuitable as food.

RASFF Alert – Mold/Mould – Cake Layers


Mould on sponge cake layers from Sweden in Denmark, Iceland, Spain, Sweden and UK

Germany – Wild pickled tomatoes POMIDORY – Mold/Mould


Alert type: Food
Date of first publication: 02/01/2022
Product name:

Wild pickled tomatoes POMIDORY

Product images:



Manufacturer (distributor):

Dovgan GmbH Zinkhüttenweg 6 22113 Hamburg

Reason for warning:

The dill tips processed in this batch were found to have powdery mildew.

Packaging Unit: 695g
Durability: 10/20/2024
Lot identification: 10/20/2024.G