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Nigeria – FAO Issues Alert On Food Poisoning in Lagos, Kano, Other Cities


Abuja — The Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO), an agency of the United Nations, has raised alarm over what it described as worrisome levels contamination of foods in Lagos and Kano States.

The FAO said a “Total Diet” study it carried out in two major Nigerian cities, Lagos and Kano showed various levels of contamination of foods at the point of consumption.

Speaking at an event jointly orgainised by the Federal Ministries of Health and its agriculture counterpart to mark 2019 World Food Safety Day in Abuja, the Country Representative, FAO in Nigeria, Suffyan Koruna said streets foods are now being consumed more than ever before, adding that Nigerians eat at least one meal out of home in restaurants, bukkas and other food vendors.

The FAO country representative who was represented by Mr. Alphonsus Onwuemeka said the organisation conducted a diet study in Lagos and Kano where it discovered rampant unsafe food consumption.

He said: “A Total Diet Study carried out in Lagos and Kano states showed worrisome levels of contamination of foods at the points of consumption with aflatoxins, mycotoxins, heavy metals such as lead and pesticides residues. This should reaweaken Nigeria to the looming health challenges and economic losses that could result from a lack of attention to food safety.”

RASFF Alert – Mycotoxin Patulin – Organic Apple Based Smoothies


RASFF – patulin (50.9 µg/kg – ppb) in organic apple based smoothies from Latvia, with raw material from Italy in Latvia

RASFF Alert – Mould – Chocolate Topping Bottles


RASFF – chocolate topping bottles from Denmark infested with moulds in Denmark

Ireland – Recall of a Batch of Holland and Barrett Lucky Liquorice Roots Due to Ochratoxin A


Category 2: For Information
Alert Notification: 2019.19
Product: Holland & Barrett good stuff lucky liquorice root, pack size: 100g
Batch Code: 130567, ‘best-before’ end: January 2020
Country Of Origin: Azerbaijan


A high level of ochratoxin A was detected in the above batch of liquorice roots. Ochratoxin A is a toxin which is produced by fungi growing on the plant material. Consumers who have the implicated batch should dispose of it or return it to Holland & Barrett.


RASFF Alerts – Aflatoxin – Groundnut Spread with Milk Chocolate – Organic Ground Ginger – Dy Chillies -Dried Figs – Groundnuts – Organic Red Chilli Flakes – Hazlenuts and Almonds


RASFF – aflatoxins (B1 = 3.8; Tot. = 4,7 µg/kg – ppb) in groundnut spread with milk chocolate from Ukraine in Slovakia

RASFF – aflatoxins (B1 = 7; Tot. = 15.6 µg/kg – ppb) in organic ground ginger from Nigeria in the Netherlands

RASFF – aflatoxins (B1 = 11.5 µg/kg – ppb) in dry chillies from Sri Lanka in Norway

RASFF – aflatoxins (B1 = 15; Tot. = 17 µg/kg – ppb) in groundnuts from the United States in the Netherlands

RASFF – aflatoxins (B1 = 106; Tot. = 114 µg/kg – ppb) in dried figs from Turkey in France

RASFF – aflatoxins (B1 = 10.4; Tot. = 11.3 µg/kg – ppb) in organic red chilli flakes from India in the UK

RASFF – aflatoxins (Tot. = 18.5 µg/kg – ppb) in shrivelled hazelnut kernels from Georgia in Bulgaria

RASFF – aflatoxins (B1 = >24 µg/kg – ppb) in almonds from the United States in Spain

RASFF Alert – Ochratoxin A – Raisins – Dried Grapes


RASFF – ochratoxin A (19.8 µg/kg – ppb) in raisins from Uzbekistan, via Lithuania in the Czech Republic

RASFF – ochratoxin A (18 µg/kg – ppb) in dried grapes from Turkey in France

RASFF – ochratoxin A (30 µg/kg – ppb) in raisins from Turkey in the Netherlands

RASFF – ochratoxin A (18,79 µg/kg – ppb) in raisins from China in Poland

RASFF Alert – Moulds – Mayonnaise


RASFF – mayonnaise from Denmark infested with moulds in Denmark