Czech Republic – Albert Hazelnut kernels natural 200 g – Aflatoxins


Illustrative photo #1

Illustrative photo #2

Place of inspection:
Hrádek nad Nisou ( Liberecká 642, 463 34 Hrádek nad Nisou )
ID: 44012373
Food group: Nuts Nuts

albert Hazelnut kernels natural 200 g
Category: Dangerous foods
Invalid parameter:

aflatoxin B1
sum of aflatoxins B1, B2, G1, G2

The maximum limit for aflatoxin content was exceeded several times in the food.

The kernels were brown inside and were found to contain live pests.

Batch: L22015
Best before date: 13/04/2023
Packaging: PP bag with print, sealed with welds
Quantity of the product in the package: 0.2 kg
Manufacturer: Ing. Bohumil Kratochvíl – IBK Trade, Dolanská 7/337, 161 00 Prague 6
Country of origin:  Georgia
Date of sample collection: 7/11/2022
Reference number: 23-000005-SZPI-CZ
The sample was detected by the official control of the State Agricultural and Food Inspection.

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