New Zealand – Pams Brand Frozen Berries – Hepatitis A


15 January 2023: Foodstuffs Own Brands Ltd is recalling a specific batch of Pams brand Mixed Berries due to a possible link of Hepatitis A associated with frozen berries sourced from Serbia. The Mixed Berries were released from Foodstuffs South Island Hornby Distribution Centre in error following the recall on 4 October 2022.

4 October 2022: Foodstuffs Own Brands Ltd is recalling all batches and all dates of its Pams brand Mixed Berries, Two Berry Mix, Smoothie Berry Mix, and Raspberries as a precaution due to a possible link of Hepatitis A associated with frozen berries sourced from Serbia.

The product incorrectly released was only available in Foodstuffs (Pak’n Save, Four Square and New World) South Island on 14 January 2023. Product with a best before date of 14/08/2024 is affected by this update however, all products in this notice are subject to the recall below.




Product type

Frozen berries

Name of product (size)

Pams brand Mixed Berries 500g
Pams brand Two Berry Mix 1kg
Pams brand Two Berry Mix 750g
Pams brand Smoothie Berry Mix 500g
Pams brand Raspberries 500g
Pams brand Raspberries 350g

Batch marking

All batches

Date making

All dates

Package size and description

The products are sold in various sizes in plastic bags.


The products are imported.

The products are sold at Trents Wholesale and Raeward Fresh stores throughout the South Island and in Pak’n Save, New World and Four Square stores throughout New Zealand.

The products have not been re-exported.

Point of sale notice for retailers

If you are a retailer of the products in this recall, download a copy of the point of sale notice. You need to display it in your store for one month.

Point of sale notice – Foodstuffs Own Brands [PDF, 223 KB]

You can also download and display a copy of the Making berries safe to eat poster, providing guidance to consumers.

Making berries safe to eat poster [PDF, 434 KB]

Consumer advice

New Zealand Food Safety’s advice to consumers is to:

  • Briefly boil frozen berries before eating them, or if you have a thermometer at home, ensure cooking temperatures exceed 85 degrees Celsius for 1 minute. Heated berries can be safely refrozen for later use.
  • If you microwave berries, you should stir half-way through the cooking process to make sure they are cooked through. Microwave’s settings will vary, the important thing is to ensure the berries reach boiling.
  • Wash your hands before eating and preparing food.

Until and unless a definitive source is identified, this advice applies to all frozen berry products.

There have been reports of illness in New Zealand. If you have consumed any of these products and have any concerns about your health, seek medical advice.

Alternatively, customers can return the products to their retailer for a full refund.

Hepatitis A update

Information on the cases is available through the following link to the Ministry of Health website.

Hepatitis A and frozen berries − Ministry of Health  

Who to contact

If you have questions, contact Foodstuffs Own Brands Ltd:

  • Phone: 0800 24 51 14
  • Address: 35 Landing Drive, Mangere, Auckland.

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