Czech Republic – Brazil Nuts – kernels – Aflatoxin B1


Illustrative photo #1

Place of inspection:
Horní Cerekev ( Havlíčkova 157, 394 03 Horní Cerekev )
ID: 07361092
Food group: Nuts Nuts

Brazil nuts – kernels
Category: Dangerous foods
Invalid parameter:

aflatoxin B1

In Brazil nuts, the limit for the content of contaminating substances – aflatoxins – was exceeded twice.

Aflatoxins are classified as mycotoxins. 

Batch: L74-22
Best before date: 30/3/2023
Packaging: plastic bag 20 kg
Quantity of the product in the package: 20 kg
Distributor: Supplier: CATZ INTERNATIONAL BV, BLAKEBURG build, Blaak 22, ROTTERDAM
Country of origin:  Bolivia
Date of sample collection: 5/3/2022
Reference number: 22-000336-SZPI-CZ
The sample was detected by the official control of the State Agricultural and Food Inspection.

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