USA -Portland: Small Pharaoh #1 food cart closed, Linked to Shigella outbreak

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Shigella - kswfoodworld

Image CDC


Multnomah County health officials have closed the Small Pharaoh #1 food cart in downtown Portland (SW 5th and Stark) late Tuesday, Aug. 11, 2020 after linking the business to an outbreak of shigellosis. This is the first food cart closure in Multnomah County in many years due to health concerns. Food carts are inspected, regulated and scored the same as brick and mortar restaurants.

Health officials took the unusual step of ordering the closure of the food cart at 5th and SW Stark after several individuals from different households were confirmed to have shigellosis after eating food from the facility. Four cases have been confirmed with three additional presumptive cases with symptoms who have not been tested. Shigella is a very contagious bacteria and can spread after swallowing a very small amount of the bacteria.

Anyone with symptoms of shigellosis who ate at the downtown location of Small Pharaoh between July 27 and August 11 should contact their care provider or seek medical care as needed.


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