Finland – Mold toxin found in pistachios – Ochratoxin A


Lidl has announced that it is recalling Alesto brand shelled pistachios; Alesto roasted and peeled pistachio nut and Alesto roasted, peeled and salted pistachio nut . The weight of both products is 70 g/bag. The recall applies to products with a best before date of 12.08.2023, 13.10.2023 and 14.10.2023.

In control samples taken in another country, ochratoxin A has been found in the products above the permitted limit. According to Lidl, the amount found does not pose an acute health risk, but prolonged exposure to high concentrations of ochratoxin A may cause adverse effects.

On its website, Lidl asks its customers to return the products in question to a Lidl store, where the price of the product will be refunded.

Consumer contacts: Lidl’s customer service website, phone 09 424 52 111

The matter is handled at the Food Agency by special expert Mika Varjonen, tel. 050 38 68 416, .

Pictures of the products

(Photo: Lidl)

pistachio nuts-1.jpg

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