Italy – Shelled almonds recalled due to Aflatoxin risk – breaking latest news

Breaking Latest News

Several batches of shelled almonds branded Dattilo, Movida Catering and I&D Srl were withdrawn as a precaution by the Ministry of Health, due to the risk of contamination from aflatoxins, substances (potentially toxic) produced by some mushrooms that can develop during cultivation and harvesting. These are the withdrawn lots. Type it: 40 gram sachets with lot numbers 277/22 and 290/22; Movida Catering: 700 gram buckets with lot numbers 270/22, 294/22 and 273/22; Movida Catering: 1 kg buckets with lot numbers 277/22 and 291/22; I&D Srl: unbranded compostable 200 gram and 400 gram trays with lot numbers 279/22, 280/22 and 295/22. The notice reads: «Product not to be consumed. To be brought back to the point of sale.’

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