Belgium – 4-grain pancakes (100g) from the Carrefour BIO brand sold in the GROCERY department


Recall from Carrefour
Product: 4-grain pancakes (100g) from the Carrefour BIO brand sold in the GROCERY department.
Problem: excessive Mycotoxin content (aflatoxin B1 and zearalenone).

Brussels, 18-10-2022 – Following an inspection and in order to guarantee consumer safety, the company CONTINENTAL BAKERIES HAUST is asking to withdraw from the market the “Galettes 4 cereals” (100 g) of the Carrefour Bio brand sold on the shelves. GROCERY of certain Carrefour stores in Belgium. This product is also being recalled from consumers.

Product Description :

Product: 4-grain pancakes
Brand: Carrefour BIO
EAN code: 3560070443291 Expiry
dates (BDD): 06/04/2023 and 06/03/2023
Batch numbers: H22154J and H22153J

All products have been withdrawn from sale. Some of these products were, however, marketed on the Belgian market before the withdrawal measure. It is therefore recommended that people who hold the product described above do not consume it and destroy it or bring it back to the point of sale where they will be reimbursed.

For any additional information , you can contact the Carrefour Belgium consumer service by dialing the free number 0800.9.10.11, from 8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Monday to Saturday.

CONTINENTAL BAKERIES HAUST apologizes to Carrefour customers for the inconvenience caused.

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