USA – 21 suspected with Salmonella in Israel linked to Straus Chocolates shipped Worldwide

Food Poison Journal

Salmonella contamination seems to be widespread within the factory with 30 samples positive for Salmonella out of 300 taken.

According to the Globes, there are so far 21 cases of suspected Salmonella infections from the Straus Elite factory in Nof Hagalil. The connection has not yet been confirmed although samples have been taken from 16 of the patients and results will be received in the coming few days. Six of the suspected salmonella patients required hospitalization.

Meanwhile the Ministry of Health has published a series of flaws in the way the Elite Nof Hagalil factory operated, and which likely led to the introduction of Salmonella. One customer had already reported that there was possibly Salmonella in their Elite chocolate, but no tests were conducted by the factory following the complaint. Pigeons had entered the factory several months ago and could have been the source of the contamination. Among other things, the Ministry of Health found that the factory’s quality control team had undergone changes over the past year and there was temporarily no food safety manager at the factory.

In the U.S., according to the Miami Herald, the recall notice includes a full list of products. The products went mainly to stores in Florida, California, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut and were sold online by Amazon,, Fresh Direct and other retailers.

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