Belgium – African Special brand melon seeds – Aflatoxin


Recall by Hax Trading
Product: African Special brand melon seeds.
Problem: Aflatoxin content too high.
In agreement with the FASFC, Hax Trading is withdrawing African Special brand melon seeds from sale and recalling them from consumers due to excessively high aflatoxin content.
Hax Trading asks its customers not to consume this product and to return it to the point of sale in which it was purchased.

Product Description– Product name: Melon seeds
– Brand: African Special
– Date of minimum durability (BDD) (“Best before (or end)”): 01/12/2023
– Batch number: 1921
– Period of sale: from 09/17/2021 to 03/14/2021
– Weight: 400g

The product was distributed by:Familu group Kloosterstraat 3 2920 Lommel
DND Brothers Wondelgemstraat 48 A 9000 Gent
Best BV Pilorijnstraat 4 9000 Gent
Sonkofa Market 1 BV Kleine Laan 14 9100 Sint-Niklaas
Afro Asian Foods – Heren Beglielaan 21 2200 Herentals
Hanan BVBA Dambrugstraat 240 206 raat 240
6 2300 Turnhout
Harry BVBA Stationstraat 46 2440 Geel
Mikra De Merodelei 38 2300 Turnhout

For further information , contact:

Hax trading via

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