Austria – Darbo low-calorie jam strawberry – Mould/Mold


Food recall

Darbo low-calorie jam strawberry
Recall reason Mold growth
Manufacturer A. Darbo AG
Expiry Date 09/15/2023
Batch number L 258 1

Public product recall of a batch of Darbo low-calorie jam strawberry

A. Darbo AG attaches great importance to the quality and safety of its products. During ongoing internal quality controls, slight mold growth was found on the surface of some jars of the Darbo Calorie Reduced Strawberry Jam 220 g. For reasons of precautionary consumer protection, the product is therefore being recalled and not consumed because it may be harmful to health.

The following product is affected by the recall:

Darbo low-calorie jam strawberry 220 g (article number 9001432035883) with the best before date 15.09.2023 and the batch number / lot number L 258 1.

This batch information is printed on the edge of the lid as follows: Best before September 15, 2023 L 258 1

The product that has now been recalled was manufactured by A. Darbo AG and placed on the market from September 20, 2021 .

The product can also be returned (in all branches) without proof of purchase. The purchase price will be refunded.

Other Darbo products and other production batches of Darbo Reduced Calorie Jam Strawberry are not affected.

A. Darbo AG regrets the incident and apologizes for the inconvenience.

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