Denmark – 33 sick, 19 hospitalized and 3 dead: REMEMBER herbal medicine linked to severe Salmonella outbreak in Denmark


Salmonella has been found in HUSK Psyllium seed husks, “capsules herbal medicine”. Orkla Care A / S has recalled several products and the authorities are now strongly encouraging people to check whether they have any of the affected HUSK products.

The salmonella outbreak, which the Statens Serum Institut sent out a news item about last week , is becoming increasingly extensive. In the meantime, the type of salmonella in question has been detected in a number of other people.

A total of 33 people aged 2-92 years have been diagnosed with the same type of salmonella. Several are seriously affected. 19 people have so far been hospitalized, and 3 people where the salmonella in question has been detected have died.

“It is a serious and large outbreak with many sick and both hospitalized and deaths. Therefore, we would like to encourage everyone who has HUSK products at home to check if they have any of the affected products “, says epidemiologist Luise Müller from the Statens Serum Institut (SSI)

Found salmonella in herbal medicine

SSI, together with the Danish Medicines Agency, the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration and the DTU Food Institute, has investigated the salmonella outbreak.

Common to the patients was that they had eaten HUSK Psyllium seed husks, herbal medicine, capsules ”. A comparison with healthy controls showed that the sick had eaten HUSK products to a much greater extent than the controls.

The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration therefore obtained the product from two patients’ homes and was able to prove that there was salmonella in it. Several HUSK products were subsequently recalled.

“This is the first time that we have been able to identify an herbal medicine as the cause of a salmonella outbreak. Those who take this product are often people who already have stomach problems. I am therefore concerned that the salmonella infection will not be detected because the individuals or their doctor believe that the symptoms of the salmonella infection stem from their existing stomach problems, ”says Luise Müller.

What to check?

You must check whether you have:

• Herbal remedy Psyllium husks, capsules

• The dietary supplement REMEMBER Psyllium Stomach Balance Basic, capsules

Find photos and batch numbers on the recalled products here

If you have the product at home, check whether it originates from one of the batches that Orkla Care A / S has withdrawn. The batch number is always printed on the outside of the plastic container.

If you have products from those batches, you should either throw them out or. deliver them back to the store where they were purchased.

What should you do if you have eaten one of the products?

Even if you should have eaten the HUSK Psyllium seed pods, herbal medicine, capsules or HUSK Psyllium Stomach Balance supplements, capsules, the risk of being infected with salmonella is considered too small.

Most often, the symptoms of salmonella are mild and go away on their own. If you get persistent symptoms or have doubts, you can consult your own doctor.

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