Canada – Notice not to consume fava bean soup packaged in glass jars prepared and sold by the Blackburn Food Market inc.



 , April 14, 2021 

The MAPAQ, in collaboration with the Blackburn Food Market Inc., located at 1722, rue Saint-Pierre, in Saguenay , is warning the population not to consume the product indicated in the table below if they have not. not been kept in the refrigerator at all times from the time of purchase. In fact, the product label does not include the required “Keep refrigerated” statement .

Product name Format Targeted lot
“Bean soup” 1 liter Units sold until April 14, 2021

The product that is the subject of this warning was offered for sale only at the establishment identified above . It was packaged in mason-type glass jars and sold refrigerated. The product label reads “Blackburn Food Market”.

The operator is voluntarily recalling the product in question. He agreed with MAPAQ to disseminate this warning as a precautionary measure. Also, people who have this product in their possession and who have not kept it in the refrigerator at all times since the time of purchase are advised not to consume it. They must either return it to the establishment where they bought it or throw it away. Even if the affected product does not show any signs of spoilage or a suspicious odor, consuming it may represent a health risk.

It should be noted that no case of illness associated with the consumption of this food has been reported to MAPAQ so far.

Additional information

Media relations
Department Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries
and Food
Tel. : 418 380-2100, extension 3512

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