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Research – Dog owners face higher risk of E. coli, salmonella; bugs thrive in pets’ water bowls

Deccan Chronicle

It turns out that dogs, apart from giving owners love and companionship can also give them a host of diseases.

Scientists have discovered their water bowls can harbour life-threatening bacteria, including E. coli, salmonella and MRSA.

Scientists say they have clear evidence to show dog water bowls can pose rosk of infection to both humans and their pets.

The research, conducted at the Hartpury University, tested three types of bowls as they wanted to know how much the build-up of bacteria could be affected by the material a bowl is made from, and how often it is cleaned.

Results revealed dangerous bacteria was most likely to thrive in plastic bowls, with the cheap containers harbouring the highest quantities of bugs.

However, the most harmful bacteria species, including strains of E. coli and MRSA, were most frequently found in ceramic bowls. Stainless steel bowls were also tested.

The study, presented at the 69th annual meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science at Dubrovnik in Croatia last month, also found the longer dog bowls are used, the greater quantity and species of bacteria that are present.

Animal scientists, led by Coralie Wright, have now called for stricter cleaning regimes of water bowls, to minimise the risk of spreading any killer bugs.

RASFF Alert – Animal Feed – Salmonella – Pea Fibres


RASFF-Salmonella (present /25g) in pea fibres from Belgium in Belgium

RASFF Alert- Animal Feed – Enterobacteriaceae – Raw Pet Food


RASFF-too high count of Enterobacteriaceae (30000 CFU/g) in raw pet food from the Netherlands in Belgium

RASFF Alerts – Animal Feed – Aflatoxin – Groundnuts


RASFF-aflatoxins (B1 = 260 µg/kg – ppb) in groundnuts kernel from Sudan in the Netherlands

RASFF-aflatoxins (B1 = 310; Tot. = 570 µg/kg – ppb) in groundnut kernels from the Gambia in the Netherlands

USA – Bravo Packing recalls Performance Dog raw pet food because of Salmonella

Food Safety News 


Bravo Packing Inc. has recalled all of its Performance Dog frozen raw pet food products because of potential Salmonella contamination.

Bravo initiated the recall after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration found Salmonella in a sample of Performance Dog. Officials collected the sample during an inspection of the company’s manufacturing facility. Pet foods that are contaminated with Salmonella pose a risk to pet owners and others in their households. People can cross contaminate their hands, kitchen counters, utensils, pet bowls and other surfaces.

The recalled frozen dog food is packaged in 2- and 5-pound plastic sleeves. The unlabeled sleeves are packed in cardboard boxes labeled with the manufacture date code of 071418. Tefco distributed the implicated dog food to retail stores and directly to consumers.

Dogs infected with Salmonella may develop lethargy, abdominal pain, reduced appetite, fever, vomiting and diarrhea, which may or may not be bloody. Infected animals can shed Salmonella into the environment even when not exhibiting symptoms of an active infection, putting handlers and household members at risk of infection.

No human or animal illnesses have been reported to date in relation to this recall.

USA- Steve’s recalls pet food for second time this year; Listeria, Salmonella found

Food Safety News

Steve’s Real Food is recalling dog food and cat food because of possible contamination with Salmonella and/or Listeria monocytogenes. The company distributed the pet foods nationwide.

The recall follows a report from the Washington Department of Agriculture that one or both pathogens were found in samples of the three products from the Salt Lake City company. The bacteria can cause serious infections in people who handle the food or who pick up the bacteria from cross-contaminated things such as counters, pet bowls and utensils.

RASFF Alert – Animal Feed -Enterobacteriaceae – Frozen Raw Pet Food


RASFF-too high count of Enterobacteriaceae (between 730 and >15000 CFU/g) in frozen raw pet food from the Netherlands in Belgium