Belgium – Pit & Pit Brand Corn Popcorn – Aflatoxin


Pit & Pit Recall
Product: Pit & Pit Brand Corn Popcorn.
Problem: too high aflatoxin content.

In agreement with the FASFC, Pit & Pit is withdrawing the Pit & Pit brand’s “Popcorn Maize” product from sale and recalling it from consumers because of an excessively high aflatoxin content.

Pit & Pit asks its customers not to consume this product and to return it. A free return label can be requested by sending an email with the photo of the label to Upon receipt of the return, the product will be refunded.

Product description:

– Product name: Corn Popcorn
– Brand: Pit & Pit
– Type of packaging: transparent jar with black lid
– Expiry date (BDD): 30/09/2024
– Weight and batch numbers:

o 450g – Batches:
o 1.3kg – Batches:

The product was sold online, via the website .

For any additional information , please contact: .

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