USA – FDA Advises Restaurants, Retailers and Consumers to Avoid Raw Oysters from Baynes Sound, British Columbia, Canada Because They Are Potentially Contaminated with Norovirus



The FDA is advising consumers not to eat, and restaurants and food retailers not to sell, and to dispose of oysters that were harvested between January 16, 2023, and February 17, 2023, from Deep Bay, Baynes Sound subarea 14-8 or subarea 13-16 (landfile #140185) in British Columbia, Canada. Consumers who purchased oysters after January 16, 2023, should check the packaging to see if they were harvested in Baynes Sound subarea 14-8 or subarea 13-16 (landfile #140185). Contaminated shellfish can cause illness if eaten raw, particularly in people with compromised immune systems. Food contaminated with norovirus may look, smell, and taste normal. Consumers of these products who are experiencing symptoms of norovirus illness should contact their healthcare provider, who should report their symptoms to their local Health Department.

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