UK – Consumers warned about recalled smoked fish products linked to Listeria outbreak


Products produced by St James Smokehouse and sold under Lidl’s ‘Deluxe Oak Smoked Scottish Louch Trout’ and ‘Lighthouse Bay Smoked Trout Trimmings’ ranges are being recalled because they may contain Listeria monocytogenes.   

The products are:


Pack Size 

Use By Dates 

Lidl Deluxe Oak Smoked Scottish Louch Trout 


All use By Date between and including 20/12/2022 and 06/01/2023 

Lighthouse Bay Smoked Trout Trimmings 


All use By Date between and including 20/12/2022 and 06/01/2023 

Consumers should not eat the above products and return them to Lidl for a full refund.  

Junior Johnson, Director of Operations at the FSA, said: “Lidl has done the right thing in instigating this recall and their caution is to be commended. The ongoing investigation into a Listeria outbreak has identified the presence of a strain of Listeria monocytogenes which has caused serious illness. We are therefore warning consumers about these recalled products. 

“As we approach the peak of the festive season, we know consumers are more likely to eat smoked fish, such as smoked salmon and trout. While investigations into the outbreak continue, FSS and FSA are reminding vulnerable consumers of the advice more generally around consuming smoked fish – it must be heated until it is steaming hot, before they eat it. While the risk of listeria is low to the general consumer, all consumers should follow this advice if they are serving smoked fish to elderly and other vulnerable relatives and friends over the festive period.”  

To date, the investigation has identified 15 linked cases of listeriosis since 2020, with eight of these since January 2022. Cases have been identified in England, Scotland and Wales.  

Listeriosis is a form of food poisoning caused by the bacterium Listeria monocytogenes. Most people who are affected get mild gastroenteritis which subsides in a few days.  

However, certain individuals are particularly at risk of severe illness such as meningitis and life-threatening sepsis. These include those over the age of 65, those with certain underlying conditions such as cancer, liver and kidney failure or who are taking medications which can weaken the immune system. Listeriosis in pregnancy can cause miscarriages and severe sepsis or meningitis in new-born babies. 

You can find out more about the risks of listeria on the FSA website

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