Germany – REWE organic rice cakes dark – Mycotoxin – Zearalenone


Alert type: Food
Date of first publication: 10/20/2022
Product name:

REWE organic rice cakes dark 100g Best before date: 18.06.2023, 21.06.2023, 22.06.2023 EAN 4337256250023

Product images:


REWE Group

Manufacturer (distributor):

Continental Bakeries Deutschland GmbH Gronau/Westf

Reason for warning:

possible contamination with the mycotoxin zearalenone

Packaging Unit: 100 g
Durability: 06/18/2023, 06/21/2023, 06/22/2023
Further information:

Reference is made to the attached customer information.

Click to access marktaushang_rewe_bio_reiswaffeln_zartbitter.pdf

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