Norway – Organic Whole Grain Rye Pasta – Ochratoxin A


“Bartolini Eko macaron 100% żytni pełnoziarnisty (ekologiczny) gniazda” with a best before date of 30/06/2024 will be withdrawn from the market. The reason is that the mold substance Ochratoxin A has been detected in the product.

Favoritt Mat AS in Stavanger reports that the products were sold to consumers as of 3 November 2021. The products are sold out in the store now, but can still be found at consumers’ homes.

Favoritt Mat AS asks consumers who have bought the product to throw it away or return it to the store.

Ochratoxin A is a naturally occurring toxin that is most often detected in moldy grain, legumes, coffee beans, some dried fruits, as well as juice and wine produced from grapes. Ochratoxins can cause kidney damage in humans and animals, and are suspected of being carcinogenic.

Contact information

Favorite Food AS: Piotr Demski tel: 968 78 600

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