Austria- Rye Wholemeal Flour – Mycotoxin – Ochratoxin A


AGES informs about a recall of the company GoodMills Österreich GmbH. On July 15th, 2022, the company initiated a recall of the product Finis Feinstes Wholemeal Rye Flour, 1000g:
recall reason
mycotoxicological contaminants
Marketed by
GoodMills Austria GmbH
GoodMills Austria GmbH
Batch number
February 2023/L19D

In the product Finis Feinstes Rye-Wholemeal Flour, 1000g, with the batch number February2023/L19D, mycotoxicological impurities in the form of ochratoxin-A (OTA) were found in a sample and assessed as harmful.

Refrain from consuming the affected product.

The product Finis Feinstes Rye Wholemeal Flour can be returned by consumers in the branches of the retail chains where the product was purchased. The purchase price will of course also be refunded without proof of purchase.

Other Finis Feinstes brand products are not affected by the recall.

GoodMills Österreich GmbH fulfills its own responsibility in accordance with the food law regulations and initiates a recall of the product. This warning does not imply that the vulnerability was caused by the company.

Questions & contact:

Quality management:
Mrs. Dajana Legat, MSc
Mon – Thu from 07.30 – 16.00 and Fri from 07.30 – 13.30
+ 43 1 707 76 91 ext. 45

Mrs. Christina Steinwender MSc (WU)
Mon – Thu from 08.00 – 16.30 and Fri from 08.00 – 14.00
+43 1 707 76 91 ext. 72

original recall

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