Moldova – Cronobacter found in Numil infant formula


The National Food Safety Agency informs consumers that, following the notification of the European food alert system RASFF 2022.2901, regarding the non-compliant powdered milk product: “Mixture of powdered milk with prebiotics for children – from birth, with rapid preparation”, lot. L02.05.2022 and L28.04.2022, valid until 12.10.2023, exporter: PW Proszki Mleczne, Poland, imported into the Republic of Moldova by the food business operator “PȘENEAC”, the Agency urgently ordered the withdrawal from the network of trade in the said lots.

Product information:

Product name: “Mixture of milk powder with prebiotics for children – from birth, with rapid preparation”;

Trademark: “NUMIL”;

Lot: 02.05.2022 and 28.04.2022;

Net weight: 900 gr;

Valid until 12.10.2023;

Exporter: PW Proszki Mleczne, Poland;

Importer: “PȘENEAC”, Republic of Moldova.

Under current legislation, food business owners who own non-compliant products are required to withdraw them from the market and cooperate with the National Agency for Food Safety on actions taken to avoid or reduce the risks to human health posed by a product. non-compliant food.

Non-compliant food business owners who have not taken steps to withdraw these products from the market are liable for legal liability.

 People who have purchased these products are asked not to feed them and are entitled to return them to the shops where they were purchased.

In case of non-compliant foodstuffs or deviations from the provisions of consumer protection legislation, citizens are urged to petition the Agency.

Green Line: 0 800 800 33;

Viber: 067675544;


The action is in progress

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