Belgium – Fine rye flour (2.5kg) of the brand ‘t Korenveld – Ergot Alkaloids


Recall by Maalderij Roosens NV
Product: Fine rye flour (2.5kg) of the brand ‘t Korenveld.
Problem: Presence of ergot alkaloids.

In agreement with the FASFC, Maalderij Roosens withdraws the product “fine rye flour” (2.5kg) of the brand ‘t Korenveld from sale and recalls it from consumers due to the presence of ergot alkaloids rye. Ergot alkaloids (EA) are mycotoxins produced by several species of fungi of the genus “claviceps”.

Maalderij Roosens asks its customers not to consume this product and to return it to the point of sale where it was purchased, where it can be exchanged for a new one.

Product description

– Product name: Rye flour
– Brand: ‘t Korenveld
– Best before dates (BDD) (“Best before (or end)”): 21-08-2022, 04-09-2022 , 15-09-2022 & 16-09-2022
– Batch numbers: see DDM
– Sales period: from 21/02/2022 to 28/03/2022
– Type of packaging: Brown paper bag with inscription ‘ t Korenveld and blue and white label.
– Weight: 2.5kg

The product was distributed by:

Aerts-Hellings Sint Oederodeseweg 51 NL-5681 PJ Best
De Ridder Goossens Schoolstraat 33 2520 Ranst
Geukens Willy Wilders 87 2440 Geel
Haesen-Mertens Velveken 3 2440 Geel
Habbyvoeders Donckers Mortelstraat 13 2960 Brecht
Horta Brasschaat Miksebaan 195 2
Leyen Karel Venlosesteenweg 136 3680 Maaseik
Horta Bornem Klein Mechelen 35 2880 Bornem

For further information , contact:

Mr. Vincent Gysels tel. 03 658 58 88 –
Maalderij Roosens, Metropoolstraat 3-4, 2900 Schoten

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