Luxembourg – UPDATE: RECALL: MATIAS BRAND YELLOW CORN FLOUR – Mycotoxins – Fumonsins


Exceeding the legal limit in fumonisins

Luxembourg food safety authorities are recalling the following product:


name Type 100 yellow corn flou
Mark matias
Unity 500g
Use-by date (DLC) April 2022
Lot 070621D2

Hazard description: Fumonisins

Fumonisins are toxins formed by molds of the genus Fusarium on maize under certain climatic conditions. Fumonisins are classified as “possibly carcinogenic” to humans.

Sold in Luxembourg by: Primavera,  Epicerie Fernandes*, Epicerie Petit Panier*, Butcher and Epicerie Le Coq*

A sale by other operators cannot be excluded.

Source of information: Official Control

Communicated by: Government Commission for Quality, Fraud and Food Safety .

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