Research – Role of climate change in increased mycotoxin levels

All About Feed

Climate change is likely to be part of the reason for the increase in mycotoxin issues for the global animal feed business. And the trend is expected to continue and even accelerate over the next 5 years.

7 out of 10 analyses run last year found raw ingredients contaminated with mycotoxins, according to Cargill’s annual review. But reassuringly, just 35% of these reached performance risk thresholds, showing that positive analyses are not always concerning.

Last year’s study analysed more than 328,000 samples across more than 150 global feed plants, on-farm samplings and storage locations in 54 countries. The majority of these were corn (212,254), cereals (85,478), oilseeds (27,602) or others (3,632). It found 72% of analyses were contaminated with at least one mycotoxin showing that contamination is more likely than not across all ingredients.

Since mycotoxins are produced by moulds as a natural defence response to environmental factors, their occurrence is linked to climate conditions.

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