Belgium – “Bernister Fleuri” soft raw milk cheese – STEC E.coli


Recall of La Ferme des Grandes Fagnes
Product: “Bernister Fleuri” soft raw milk cheese.
Problem: Possible presence of E.coli STEC.

In agreement with the AFSCA, the Ferme des grandes Fagnes is withdrawing “Bernister Fleuri” cheese (300g) from sale and is recalling it to consumers because of the presence of E.coli STE.

La Ferme des Grandes Fagnes asks its customers not to consume this product and to return it to the point of sale where it was purchased where it will be reimbursed.

Product description

– Product category: Soft raw milk cheese
– Product name: Bernister Fleuri
– Best before date (Best before): 07/08/2021
– Batch number: 211721
– Sales period: from 05/11/2021 to 06/10/2021
– Type of packaging: cellophane
– Weight: 300g

The product was sold through several outlets, including:

Name of point of sale /

Name of the distribution chain

Street + number Postal code Municipality (city)
RAG DISTRIBUTION Carl Jost Street, 46 4621 RETINNE
The Milky Way Chaussée de Namur 40 5170 DEEPVILLE
Butcher LAVAL Albert Counson Street 127 4970 FRANCORCHAMPS
LMBA Maitres Butchers Ardennes Avenue of the Allies 98 4960 MALMEDY
Vitamine cheese dairy (Evrard) Station Street 15 4430 YEARS
Grossemarkt Butgenbach LS Monschauerstrasse 9 4750 BUTGENBACH
DELVITH Rue de Malmedy 21 4760 BULLANGE
Gourmet counter Rue des Deux Eglises 4 4120 NEUPRE
PARENT SIGARD Great street 38                           6700        Arlon                   
LALERO BVBA HAACHTSESTEENWEG 47                     1820        STEENOKKERZEEL          
KAASWERELD VOF Karel Picquelaan 96 9800 DEINZE
SLIGRO FOOD GROUP Wingepark 10 3110 Rotselaar
Butcher Curnel Henri Massenge Street 4970 Stavelot
AD Spa Avenue Reine Astrid 244 4900 Spa
Sweet cuberdon Rue du Têris 56, 4100 Seraing

For any further information , contact:
Fabienne Remacle tel: 0474 280 559

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