Czech Republic – Sausages – Mold/Mould


Illustrative photo #1

Place of inspection:
Staříč ( Sviadnovská 76, 739 43 Staříč )
ID: 02453533
Invalid parameter:

fungi visible to the eye

The food smelled strongly of spoilage and there were colonies of mold on its surface.

Food is not considered safe if it shows signs of spoilage. 

The food had an expired use-by date.

Batch: 3250704002
Expiration date: 27/02/2023
Packaging: food foil
Quantity of the product in the package: 0.69 kg
Date of sample collection: 28/02/2023
Reference number: 23-000101-SZPI-CZ
The sample was detected by the official control of the State Agricultural and Food Inspection.

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