Austria – Mayflower anchovy rings in olive oil 50g – Histamine


AGES informs about a recall of the company IMGRO GmbH. The company recalled the Mayflower anchovy rings in olive oil 50g product on March 24th, 2023:
recall reason
increased histamine levels
Marketed by
Expiry Date
Batch number

During an official sampling of Mayflower anchovy rings in olive oil 50g, marketed by IMGRO GmbH, Untere Donaustraße 11, A-1020 Vienna, elevated histamine levels were found. The corresponding batch R20E22 with a best-before date of November 23, 2023 was assessed as harmful and therefore not safe. As a result, we are recalling the affected lot of this item.

Mayflower anchovy rings in olive oil 50g

Batch: R20E22

Best before date: 11/23/2023

The product is not suitable for consumption and can be returned by consumers (in all branches). Of course, customers will also be reimbursed the purchase price without proof of purchase.

The distributor IMGRO GmbH fulfills its responsibility according to the food law regulations and has therefore initiated a recall of the product.

This warning does not imply that the hazard was caused by the producer, manufacturer, importer or distributor.

original recall

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