Austria – Salame con cinghiale, salami with wild boar, approx. 350g – STEC E.coli


AGES informs about a recall of the company Interfood Lebensmittelgrosshandel Ges.mbH. The company recalled the product Salame con cinghiale, salami with wild boar, approx. 350g on November 28th, 2022:
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recall reason
Possible contamination with verotoxin-producing E.coli (EHEC)
Marketed by
Interfood food wholesale Ges.mbH
Antica Macelleria Falorni srl
Expiry Date
Batch number

Interfood Lebensmittelgrosshandel is recalling the following product for reasons of consumer protection: “Salame con cinghiale, salami with wild boar, approx. 350g” with a best-before date (MHD) of February 13, 2023 and batch number 22259.

The batch number is on the back of the banderole, the best before date on the side. The producer of the product is “Antica Macelleria Falorni srl, Piazza G. Matteotti 71, IT-50022 Greve in Chianti (IT)”.

The affected product with the batch mentioned should no longer be consumed, as it could possibly be contaminated with verotoxin-forming E. coli (EHEC) .

The symptoms of a possible illness with EHEC can be watery diarrhea or nausea, vomiting and/or abdominal pain, in rare cases also fever and bloody diarrhea. The incubation period after consumption is usually one to three days, rarely up to ten days. Babies and children up to preschool age are more likely to become ill. This group, as well as older people or people with a weak immune system, are particularly at risk of developing severe courses and complications (up to and including acute kidney failure).

If consumers experience the symptoms mentioned, they should consult a doctor immediately and the suspicion of EHEC should be pointed out.

Consumers can return the affected batch of this product to the respective points of sale.

Other batches of the same product and other products from the manufacturer are not affected by this recall. This warning does not mean that the hazard was caused by Interfood.

Questions & contact:

Interfood Lebensmittelgrosshandel GmbH
Tel.: 05223 / 56808

original recall

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