Norway – Outbreak of Salmonella


kswfoodworld Salmonella

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority has been notified by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health about a national outbreak of the gastrointestinal bacterium Salmonella Agona. So far, infection has been detected in 31 people. The source of infection is unknown.

The people who have been diagnosed with the bacteria live in 8 different counties. It is therefore likely that they are infected through a food product that is distributed throughout the country.

Salmonella Agona is rarely found in Europe, according to the Institute of Public Health. It has previously been detected in Norway, but then only as isolated cases and usually related to infection abroad.

– The Norwegian Food Safety Authority assists the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and municipal chief physicians in obtaining information from the sick persons and their relatives. Interviews are conducted about what the people have eaten and what they have been in contact with. It may also be appropriate to take samples of food and food residues and food packaging, if possible, to find the source of infection, says Catherine Svindland, senior adviser in the biological food safety section of the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

If a common source of infection from food, animals or the environment is identified, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority will follow up the tracing work along the food chain.

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