Taiwan – Norovirus on the rise in Taiwan

Outbreak News Today

The Taiwan Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported Thursday that the number of hospital visits for diarrhea in the country has increased recently, and the pathogens detected in cluster incidents are mainly norovirus.

The public is advised to pay attention to food safety and hand hygiene. Seek medical attention as soon as possible and take rest at home if you are sick; catering and accommodation operators must strengthen environmental hygiene management and pay attention to the health status of employees. If you have suspected symptoms, please suspend work immediately to reduce the risk of virus transmission.

According to the monitoring data of the CDC, there were a total of 110,783 outpatient and emergency visits for diarrhea in Taiwan last week (February 20 to February 26), a slight increase from the number of visits in the past two weeks (109,522 in the 7th and 6th weeks, 109,289), but lower than the same period in recent years. In previous years, the number of patients with diarrhea was likely to increase after consecutive holidays. In the past four weeks (weeks 5 to 8), a total of 83 diarrhea cluster reports were received across the country. There were 49 positive cases of pathogen detection, mainly norovirus (46 cases, accounting for 94%).

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