Sweden – Salmonella in meat sick 15 in Sweden

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More than a dozen people recently fell ill in Sweden with Salmonella infections after eating poorly cooked burgers.

An outbreak with 15 cases of salmonellosis after a lunch at a hotel restaurant was investigated by the local food authority and the regional public health authority in Jämtland Härjedalen.

The Salmonella Enteritidis outbreak occurred among students and teachers from Fjällgymnasiet high school during a ski competition in northern Sweden.

Based on information from 11 patients, the first date for disease onset was January 28 and the last was February 4. The age range was 17 to 57 years with a median age of 19. Ten of the patients were men and one was female, all were from northern Sweden.

All the sick had a common meal where they ate ground (minced) burgers. Some of those who ate lunch reported that the burgers were clearly poorly cooked.

After finding Salmonella in samples of minced meat, further tracing of the batch of frozen beef and pork involved was carried out by local authorities, revealing that it came from Poland.

Salmonella was found in three of six meat samples but there is no ongoing risk of people getting sick as the batch involved was only distributed to restaurants and has now been withdrawn.

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