Belgium – Ciloglu brand dried figs – Aflatoxin


AFSCA recall
Product: Ciloglu brand dried figs.
Problem: too high aflatoxin content.

Following a notification via the RASFF system (European Food and Feed rapid alert system), the AFSCA withdraws from sale the dried fig product of the Ciloglu brand and recalls it to consumers because of an excessive aflatoxin content. high.

The AFSCA asks not to consume this product and to bring it back to the point of sale where it was purchased.

Product description

• Product name: Asurelik Incir
• Brand: Ciloglu
• Lot: L 0900 22475 / 1-11-52
• Expiration date (DDM): 07.31.2022
• Weight: 250g

This product was sold in Belgium via different general food stores.

For further information, you can contact the AFSCA contact point for consumers: 0800 / 13.550 or .

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