Norway – Norway reports Salmonella outbreak, 10 people hospitalised

Outbreak News Today

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH) is reporting a Salmonella outbreak which is geographically spread over large parts of country.

Twenty cases have been reported–12 confirmed and 8 suspected cases. The same genetic profile have been detected in all 12 confirmed cases. Preliminary analyzes of samples from the 8 suspected cases indicate that these also carry the outbreak strain.

Those affected are aged from 11 to 91 years, median age is 59 years. 60% are women. The infected live in Viken (9), Oslo (3), Innlandet (2), Vestfold and Telemark (1), Agder (1), Rogaland (1), Vestland (1), Møre og Romsdal (1) and Nordland (1). 10 of the cases have been hospitalized.

“The infected live in many different counties. Therefore, we believe that they are infected through a food that is widely distributed”, says doctor Hilde Marie Lund at the department of infection control and emergency preparedness.

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