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USA – CDC says outbreak linked to Wendy’s sandwiches is over with more than 100 sick

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Federal officials have declared that an outbreak of E. coli O157:H7 infections related to romaine lettuce on Wendy’s sandwiches has ended.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is reporting that the total number of confirmed patients is 109, up from the 97 reported in its most recent update on Sept. 1. About half — 52 — of the patients have been so sick they had to be admitted to hospitals. Thirteen of the patients developed hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), a serious often life-threatening condition that can cause kidney failure. No one had died as of this evening.

As of the report tonight from the CDC the specific source of the E. coli could not be 100 percent confirmed. However, 83 percent of 82 patients for whom the information was available reported eating at Wendy’s before becoming ill.

“The true number of sick people in this outbreak is likely much higher than the number reported, and the outbreak may not have been limited to the states with known illnesses. This is because many people recover without medical care and are not tested for E. coli,” according to the CDC statement.

Viet Nam – Food poisoning kills 12 sailors on Chinese boat off Con Dao islands

E. VN Express

A China registered boat with 21 crew members has been hit by food poisioning, with 12 dead and nine in critical conditon.

The nine, being treated at the Con Dao District medical center Friday afternoon, were in critical condition, doctors said.

When the crew members of the ship, Wuzhou 8 were airlifted by a rescue helicopter to Con Dao (110 km to the southwest) for emergency treatment, 10 had already died. Of the remaining 11, one died on the way to the airport and another arrived dead at the district medical center.

A Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province border guard representative said that the cargo ship was on its way from Thailand to China when the crew were hit by food poisoning, off the Con Dao islands.

Hoyer Tranpost Vietnam Co. Ltd, agent of the Wuzhou 8, sent a notice to the Department of Health of Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province to request emergency arrangements for its crew members.

When Wuzhou 8 arrived in Con Dao waters, 18 crew members showed signs of food poisoning. The remaining victims looked seriously ill and in need of immediate treatment, so they were rushed to the mainland and taken to the local medical center.

“While people on the ship said they suffered food poisoning, it was not clear what they had consumed,” Loi said.

Telangana: 27 children take ill, hospitalised due to suspected food poisoning.

Live Mint

A total of 27 children were reportedly hospitalised due to food poisoning in Adilabad, said the officials on Tuesday. These children were taken to the hospital after they complained of nausea and vomiting. District Magistrate, Adilabad Prabhakar Reddy said, “yesterday night, 27 children from Kaga Nagar Minority Boys hostel Gurukul were admitted to a local hospital complaining of vomiting and nausea. A detailed inquiry has been ordered and we are investigating the matter,” according to ANI report.

The tragic incident took place after the cooks avoided washing grains and rice before cooking due to a shortage of staff,

Malaysia – 900 victims of Food Poisoning were reported in the first eight months of this year in Perak

The Sun Daily

Some 23 food poisoning cases involving 900 victims were reported in the first eight months of this year in Perak, said State Health, Science, Environment and Green Technology Committee chairman Mohd Akmal Kamarudin.

He said the Ministry of Health (MOH) is investigating the cause of the death of a food handler at a MOH training centre in Taiping three weeks ago to determine whether it was due to food poisoning or other illnesses.

According to him, so far there have been six incidents of food poisoning in schools (169 cases), public institutions (eight cases with 572 victims), factories (two cases with 66 victims), private homes (five cases with 24 victims), prison (one case with 22 victims) and external caterer (one case).

India – At least 100 persons fall ill in Manipur; food poisoning suspected

Hindustan Times

Over 100 persons, including children, were hospitalised in Manipur’s Senapati district since Tuesday over suspected case of food poisoning from a birthday celebration in the hilly state.

The doctors said they are suspecting food poisoning. Locals claim the consumption of fermented fish chutney during birthday celebrations could be the primary cause.

“However, it will take at least 7 to 14 days to get the results for the samples which we collected and sent for testing and we’ve also collected blood samples to check other diseases, Dr Veidai said.”

Meanwhile, the food safety department officials also went to the Senapati district village to ascertain the causes of the mass sickness.

UK – Reading Festival: Investigation into food poisoning outbreak


An outbreak of food poisoning, after a number of festival-goers fell ill at Reading Festival, is being scrutinized.

Reading Borough Council said it was investigating following reports “relating to suspected food poisoning” at the festival.

Posting on the Reading Festival Community Facebook group, several festival-goers said they were suddenly struck down over the weekend with symptoms including diarrhoea, vomiting, stomach aches and a fever.

Some said they were forced to leave the festival as they were so unwell.

Research – Incidence of Food Poisoning Outbreaks in Pahang, Malaysia, for Six-Year, from 2013 to 2018


The Food Safety and Quality Division (FSQD) in Malaysia is the competent authority tasked with ensuring food safety throughout the food supply chain within the country. Despite implementing various regulations toward improving food hygiene standards in Malaysia, outbreaks of food poisoning cases continued to occur in Malaysia. This cross-sectional study was designed to explore the occurrence of food poisoning incidents in Malaysia, within the Pahang state, from 2013 to 2018 via both reported passive case detection (PCD) and active case detection (ACD) food poisoning incidents. Upon detecting all the food poisoning cases using both PCD and ACD, the people identified to have suffered from food poisoning underwent a structured interview for investigators to elicit all relevant information about the food poisoning incident. Results showed that in Pahang, the number of reported episodes fluctuated from 2013 until 2018, with an average of 21 food poisoning episodes occurring yearly, reaching a maximum in August and a minimum in May. Furthermore, Kuantan, being the state capital, had reported an exceptionally high total number of reported incidents of food poisoning with a total of 48 episodes over six years from 2013 to 2018, while Kuala Lipis had only one incident reported during the same period (which was reported in 2016). Finally, this study concluded that adequate measures must always be taken to minimise the occurrence of food poisoning, especially when preparing foods in large quantities.

India – 20 students fall ill due to suspected food poisoning

The Hindu

As many as 20 students of Social Welfare Residential school located at Dubbak in Siddipet district fell ill on Friday, due to suspected food poisoning.

The students complained about stomach pain and symptoms of fever, according to sources.

District Medical and Health Officer (DM&HO) Kashinath along with medical teams rushed to the hostel and was treating the students.

The students told the treating doctors that they have developed these health issues after consuming Payasam the day before yesterday, the DM&HO said that there might be some other reasons, including water contamination, but they could not confirm it till medical tests were completed.

There are some 400 students studying in the school and according to locals some of the students have been suffering with seasonal fevers. Some students have complained that they have been not receiving proper food despite repeated appeals.

Sweden – Histamine in fish again – 20 Sick

Food Safety News

Meanwhile, 20 people fell sick recently in Sweden due to histamine levels in fish. The foodborne outbreak was linked to tuna from Vietnam.

In April 2021, 19 people were affected by histamine poisoning in Stockholm after eating tuna loins from Vietnam at three different restaurants.

In 2020, there were three outbreaks of histamine poisoning in tuna from Vietnam in three months. These incidents affected about 60 people but contaminated tuna came from different batches. Patients were from different areas in southern and central Sweden.

Sweden – Pasta meal behind 80 illnesses in Sweden – Staphylococcus/Bacillus

Food Safety News

Around 80 people got food poisoning from a pasta meal at a soccer tournament this past month in Sweden.

An investigation into the incident in Gammelstad on Aug. 5 revealed people fell ill after eating spaghetti bolognese from a restaurant in the city of Luleå.

Testing of the bolognese left at the restaurant was found to be satisfactory. Samples were also taken in Gammelstad where serving took place. High levels of bacteria were detected in the pasta, plus the presence of toxins that can cause food poisoning. Food had been left at room temperature for some time after serving, which provided an opportunity for bacterial growth.

Bacillus cereus and Staphylococcus aureus were found in the pasta meal. Symptoms experienced by those sick matched what would be expected with such contamination.