Belgium – Albert Heijn recall – Flevosap Appel (apple juice) – Patulin


In agreement with the AFSCA, Albert Heijn reminds consumers of the “Flevosap Appel” apple juice from the Flevosap brand, the date of minimum durability (DDM) of which is 30/09/2021. The product contains too high a patulin content (a mycotoxin). Consumption of this product may present a risk to health.

Albert Heijn asks his customers not to consume this product and to bring it back to the point of sale where it was purchased. The product will be refunded or changed there. Please contact a doctor if you have any health problem.

Product Description

• Product Category: Fruit Juice
• Product Name: Flevosap Appel
• Brand: Flevosap
• Date of Minimum Durability (DDM): 09/30/2021
• Batch number: L20232A
• Sales period: from 2/09/2020 to 09/10/2020 inclusive
• Type of packaging: glass bottle
• Weight: 1 l

The product was sold through Albert Heijn stores in Belgium.

For any further information , please contact Albert Heijn on 0800 777 05

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