Netherlands – Ciguatera poisoning from imported fish suspected in the Netherlands

Food Safety News

Five people in the Netherlands have been affected by ciguatera poisoning likely caused by frozen red snapper steaks from India.

Those sick had a meal together in mid-May and developed symptoms including gastroenteritis and neurological complaints within three hours. None of them needed hospital treatment.

Tjitte Mastenbroek, a press officer at the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA), said probable ciguatoxin poisoning was established.

“One original sealed package of the fish was still available in the household and is currently being analyzed for neurotoxins. Outcome of this analysis of the red snapper fish is expected next week. Currently it is unknown if this case is related to a point source (e.g. a single fish) within the batch, which could have been contaminated with ciguatoxins,” he said.

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