Norway – Finsbråten is withdrawing grilled sausages and Wiener sausages – Listeria monocytogenes


Finsbråten is recalling grilled sausages 440 grams with a use-by date of 19.05.2023, and Vienna sausages 560 grams and 1050 grams with a use-by date of 18.05.2023, 19.05.2023 and 20.05.2023. The reason is suspicion of listeria bacteria in the products.

The withdrawal applies to the following goods:

  • Product name: Grill sausages 440 grams, Vienna sausage 560g and Vienna sausage 1050 g.
  • Name of the company that is recalling the goods: Finsbråten AS
  • Item number: 11401, 11200, 11241 and 11261
  • Production activities: Leiv Vidar AS
  • Last consumption day: 18/05/2023, 19/05/2023, 20/05/2023.

The product is sold in the stores of Rema 1000, Coop, Norgesgruppen and Oda. The product must have been removed from the stores.

Consumers who have purchased the products are asked to throw them away or return them to the store where they were purchased for a refund.

Listeria bacteria can pose a risk of serious illness in pregnant women and people with compromised immune systems.

The bacterium grows well at refrigerator temperature, and is easily killed by heat treatment. The product is marked with “must be heat treated”, and is safe to eat when heat treated at 72 degrees.

Size of the batch
– Grill sausages: 380 Kg
– Vienna sausages 7237 Kg, 2223 Kg and 2216 Kg

Contact person at Finsbråten:
Sofie Oraug-Rygh,

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