Norway – Oysters from A La Carte Produkter AS are withdrawn from the market due to suspicion of Norovirus


A La Carte Produkter AS in Oslo is recalling oysters (Crassonstrea Gigas) from Ireland, via France, of the brands “BB Boudeuse No 5” and “Royale No 3”. The reason is suspicion of norovirus, following several cases of illness.

  • Oyster label

The withdrawal applies to the following product:

  • Product name: Oysters (Crassostrea Gigas)
  • Name of the company that is recalling the goods: A La Carte Produkter AS
  • Batch: “BOUDEUSE 22464BBOU5”, “BOUDEUSE 22474BBOU5”, and “ROYALE 22474ROY3”.
  • The oysters are farmed in Ireland.

The products are sold to restaurants, grocery stores and delicatessens all over Norway.

A La Carte Products asks consumers who have purchased the product to throw it away or return it to where the product was purchased.

Oysters are often eaten raw without heat treatment, and they can contain viruses, most often norovirus. Norovirus is the most common cause of viral diarrheal disease in Norway. Boiling and frying will kill norovirus, but it is uncertain whether steaming has sufficient effect.

Contact person at the business: Monica Skålvoll 975 15 690

Contact person in the Norwegian Food Safety Authority: Odd Eirik Breivik 22 77 78 09

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