Norway – Coop withdraws Coop Mediterranean salad 125g – E.coli


Coop Mediterranean salad

Coop Norge SA withdraws Coop Mediterranean lettuce 125g, best before date 14.09.2022. The reason is the discovery of E.coli.

Coop Mediterranean lettuce 125 g, best before date 14.09.2022 is sold in all Coop stores.

The withdrawal is due to the discovery of too high values ​​of the E.coli bacteria in accordance with the regulations.

E. coli is an intestinal bacterium that occurs naturally in the intestines of animals and humans. The bacteria are usually harmless, but some varieties of E. coli have properties that allow them to cause disease. The course of the disease depends on the type of E. coli and can range from a mild gastrointestinal infection to more serious disease with kidney complications.

The vast majority of the goods were stopped before they reached the shops. Coop Norge SA nevertheless asks consumers who have bought the product with the specific expiry date to return the product to the store, so that they can get a refund, or throw it away.

See Coop’s press release of 07/09/2022

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