Sweden – Pasta meal behind 80 illnesses in Sweden – Staphylococcus/Bacillus

Food Safety News

Around 80 people got food poisoning from a pasta meal at a soccer tournament this past month in Sweden.

An investigation into the incident in Gammelstad on Aug. 5 revealed people fell ill after eating spaghetti bolognese from a restaurant in the city of Luleå.

Testing of the bolognese left at the restaurant was found to be satisfactory. Samples were also taken in Gammelstad where serving took place. High levels of bacteria were detected in the pasta, plus the presence of toxins that can cause food poisoning. Food had been left at room temperature for some time after serving, which provided an opportunity for bacterial growth.

Bacillus cereus and Staphylococcus aureus were found in the pasta meal. Symptoms experienced by those sick matched what would be expected with such contamination.

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