Spain – Hepatitis alert: ES2022/247-add2 – Hepatitis A virus in frozen fruit from Belgium


The Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition has informed the autonomous communities through the Coordinated System of Rapid Information Exchange of an alert notification sent by the health authorities of Hungary, regarding the presence of Hepatitis A in frozen fruit, of the “ARDO” brand.

The product involved is as follows:

  • Product: Frozen red fruit berry mix
  • Product name (on the label): ARDO FRUIT BERRY MIX
  • Trademark: ARDO
  • Appearance, weight and packaging: 1Kg or 2.5Kg plastic packaging
  • Batch number: 58622130 and 58622131
  • Best before: May 2024
  • Storage temperature: frozen

This product has been the subject of an alert in the Coordinated System of Rapid Information Exchange. The manufacturing company and the distribution companies have initiated the withdrawal of the product from sale and the recovery of the product from consumers.

The relevant authorities are verifying the withdrawal of the affected product from the marketing channels.

With the information available, there is evidence of a case notified in Hungary, associated with this alert.

It is recommended that people who have this product at home refrain from consuming it and return it to the point of sale.

AESAN has NOT yet published this alert on its website.

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