Spain – 109 infections confirmed in Norovirus outbreak in Mojacar, Almeria, tourist complex


A total of 109 people have been confirmed infected by the norovirus outbreak at a tourist complex in the Almeria municipality of Mojacar.

An outbreak of norovirus in the Best Pueblo Indalo apartments located in the Almeria municipality of Mojacar has infected 109 people according to a report today, Friday, July 29, from the Territorial Delegation of Health and Families.

The first case was confirmed last Wednesday, July 27, and epidemiologists have since been carrying out an exhaustive tracking of newly affected patients.

“It is an explosive virus, but the symptoms are mild and disappear within 24 to 48 hours”, health sources confirmed to Diario de Almeria. They assured the publication that a significant number of patients had already recovered.

Those affected by this stomach virus have suffered vomiting, gastrointestinal ailments, diarrhoea, and general malaise these past few days. It is a sickness that is not caused by food poisoning but is most likely transmitted through direct contact with surfaces such as a railing or a doorknob.

2 responses to “Spain – 109 infections confirmed in Norovirus outbreak in Mojacar, Almeria, tourist complex

  1. Professor Chris Griffith

    The statement made about norovirus NOT being transmitted via food is INCORRECT . Whilst many cases are spread via indirect person to person spread , many cases are food transmitted , especially via shellfish and from infected food handlers. Many peer reviewed references , including from Spain indicate this eg Dominguez, A., Torner, N., Ruiz, L., Martinez, A., Barrabeig, I., Camps, N. et al. (2008), “Aetiology and epidemiology of viral gastroenteritis outbreaks in Catalonia (Spain) in 2004-2005”, Journal of Clinical Virology 43: 126-131;Torner, N., Martinez, A., Broner, S., Moreno, A., Camps, N., Dominquez, A. et al. (2016), “Epidemiology of acute gastroenteritis outbreaks caused by human calicivirus (norovirus and sapovirus) in Catalonia: A two year prospective study, 2010-2011”, PLoS ONE 11 (4): e0152503. These indicate food may be implicated in up to 50% of cases . Although norovirus is considered the leading cause of food transmitted illness in the USA and other countries mixed modes of spread are common . The main route of transmission is also linked to the source of the outbreak. Certainly the statement in the article is incorrect and as shellfish are routinely eaten in Spain this may have been the original source leading to other modes of spread

    • I agree 100% it is typical of news outlet reporting, they do go on to say “Two epidemiologists from the northern health management area have been working on tracking people with possible symptoms. Public Health professionals, a veterinarian, and an epidemiologist have visited the facilities to take relevant samples from spaces and food. Test results have confirmed the origin as an outbreak of the norovirus.” Which includes food testing, they also call it food poisoning which it is not as it is a food borne illness/disease.

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